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Abu Dhabi Schools & Childcare Expo 2018

Abu Dhabi Schools & Childcare Expo 2018
Hall 5
02 - 03 Nov 2018
Groovy Events Management

Abu Dhabi Schools & Childcare Expo is an annual one-stop-shop education event that draws together private Schools, International Schools, Preschools, Nurseries, After Schools Clubs and Educational Institutions. Besides the Education Zone, which will be the core of the expo, there will be a Mother & Child Zone, which is dedicated to mother and children products and services, and Youth & Kids Entertainment Zone, which provides entertainment programs and activities centers for youth and kids.

At Groovy Events, we have identified a clear demand in the market for a large-scale event of this type to focus on the child’s educational needs and assist parents with making one of the most important decisions in their child’s early life.  Deciding on the most appropriate school, nursery or education institute is a decision, which influences a child’s entire future. In Abu Dhabi, there are so many choices making it ever more vital for parents to gather as much information as possible when considering the best options available.

The Expo puts together participants from Abu Dhabi, Alain, the Western Province and reputable international entities to present their education systems, curricula, facilities, costs, and advantages. It gives parents the opportunity to stop at the exhibition stands, gathers information and selects the best education system for their child.

Joining Abu Dhabi Schools & Childcare Expo will not only give you the chance to meet with parents and potential students, but it will also help you engage with them through the various event activities which include keynote sessions, seminars, play areas and stage entertainment acts.

In addition to event participation, Groovy Events will host a networking session exclusive to Abu Dhabi Schools & Childcare Expo exhibitors. It will offer a unique platform for those who wish to share information and network with other schools, nurseries, and providers relevant to the industry.

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