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Blog Artificial Intelligence


The 'Intelligent' Venue

by: Sunando Chaudhuri – IT Advisor

As Technology Advisor at ADNEC, I have been instrumental in innovative technology projects at the venue over the past five years and have led on multiple initiatives. As a business, we have very much embraced Artificial Intelligence in many of our business processes and customer engagement.

AI in the business world means many things to different people. For some it is a way to help employees work smarter. Others feed all their data into it to help buying trends, and some are even ‘cloning’ their top executives so that an AI interface can help communicate his or her ideas to clients when the executive cannot.

For the MICE industry, AI is allowing venues across the globe to become intelligent, contextually aware locations that deliver new levels of superior customer experiences and convenience for their users and visitors.

A 21st Century venue requires a digital user experience that can provide venue navigation, mobile convenience, customer loyalty engagement and interactions, and using AI allows these interactions to be conducted using analytical insights into customer profiles and venue operations. This impacts the user experience by giving the venue the ability to change and cater to the customer, who will receive the “right message at the right time”.

Over the past few years a significant amount of effort has been invested by our industry into provisioning technologies and customer engagement platforms for a seamless customer journey. Venue analytics optimise the user experience by engaging with the customer and can make these interactions become revenue opportunities.

AI largely has three areas where it has a significant impact on businesses and their services: Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Robotics.

For any venue, the objectives are to improve the overall business efficiency by using technology and artificial intelligence, develop applications and infrastructure capabilities to support digital strategy, and increase collaboration with customer by providing high quality customer service along with flexible and innovative service offerings.

Essentially, all real-use cases of AI in any business involves people and computers.  Therefore, organisations need to think of the combination of people and computers as an ever-evolving system with the overall vision of AI implementation as a method to increase customer intimacy.

AI can play a significant role within the MICE and events’ industry significantly by not only enhancing a customer’s experience but also through areas such as:

  • Sales Forecasting, Chatbots, Preferred Customer Services through Machine Learning techniques
  • Customer Satisfaction using Digital Marketing & Social Sentiment Analysis using Natural Language Processing
  • Operational Efficiency within a venue; Asset Management & Assistance using Robotics

ADNEC has recently invested in and launched a chatbot service and has also utilised AI tech within its new customer analytics system which is designed to anticipate and ultimately enhance the customer journey. In addition to this we are constantly looking for further opportunities to use evolving technology to provide value to our clients and visitors.

Venues need to constantly innovate, become more intelligent and work towards building customer loyalty in every phase of engagement with their clients, and Artificial Intelligence is a real winner to help venues achieve their objectives.

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