Venue Information

Venue Information

The Hive

The Hive is an award-winning innovative meeting space that offers its clients and partners a creative space ideal for meetings, workshops, break-outs and training sessions. Designed to encourage delegates to connect, create, and collaborate, the Hive is spread over a self-contained 666 square metre area.

The Hive comprises an open plan space filled with flexible and modular furniture, 80-seat auditorium, a grazing catering area and multiple individually themed private meeting rooms.

Together with the ‘white rooms’ across the hall, the Hive is an environment designed to stimulate creativity, generate ideas and build connections.

The future of meetings

After observing meetings and the behavioural patterns of audiences, it became apparent that the way in which people choose to meet is changing, delegates want to engage in dialogue rather than be lectured at. Delegates are deciding to migrate into smaller clusters, preferring face to face interactions. In answer to this, we created The Hive, which works to dismantle the traditional idea of a speaker addressing an audience, instead encouraging face to face engagement and free flowing conversation with adaptable seating arrangements and layouts. All within a creative and inspiring environment.


Food for thoughts

hive-img03Thinking really builds up an appetite, which is why we have the grazing catering offer from our very own Capital Hospitality, where participants can enjoy some brain fuel as and when they need it without interrupting the flow of their discussions. We cater to everything, from afternoon snacks to European lunches, with menus and options to suit every taste and dietary requirement.

A short way to go

The Hive is less than a 1-minute walk away from our grandstand parking where the participants can park their cars. There are also multiple car parking areas situated onsite.


Meaningful Meetings

Meetings are difficult things to perfect, it takes time, practice and often, a little extra insight. We have a handy little guide to help you decide which meeting format best suits your style and what you want to achieve from the session. Our meeting formats guide can help you decide between a campfire session or a dotmocracy for example, to get the optimum results for your objectives.
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