Waterfront Events

ADNEC Waterfront Quayside offers 19,500 sqm of waterfront space ideal for live events and exhibitions.

We are one of the few venues in the world that can host major indoor, outdoor and marine events simultaneously.

ADNEC Waterfront includes a 6m deep channel enabling ships of all sizes to berth at the venue. It is served by an exclusive VIP access road, ideal for marine and boat exhibitions.

ADNEC Waterfront Quayside features: VIEW FLOOR PLAN

  • 19,500 sqm waterfront space

  • 250m quay wall

  • Channel depth of 6m

  • Linked directly to ADNEC

  • Dedicated road access

  • 1,750 sqm concrete pontoon

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Meet the Team

For inquiries and bookings please contact our dedicated exhibition sales team:


Martin McGougan
Senior Sales Manager - Exhibitions
Tel:+971 2 406 3756


Ashok Pillai
Senior Manager - Business Development
Tel:+971 2 406 3787