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Rehabilitation Longterm and Homecare Conference

Rehabilitation Longterm and Homecare Conference
Conference Hall B
12 Oct 2018
Medetarian Conference Organizing

Acute Rehabilitation, Long Term and Home Care services are a relatively new area of medicine in our region and the UAE, especially when comparing it to other well established specialties. At this conference we intend to delineate the difference between acute rehabilitation care, long term care and homecare services. The conference will highlight the current Rehabilitation Services, Quality Matrix and Key Performance Indicators.

We believe that this conference will provide you with a great opportunity to advance your practice, gain new knowledge and develop new strategies for your organization as well as allowing you to network with your peers and experts in the field.

We have assembled for this conference regional and international speakers with various expertise in rehabilitation medicine. The format will take the form of plenary lectures, case discussion and questions. We have made every effort to make this conference more practical and less theoretical so that it may have direct impact on patient care.